"Not only does native advertising lift performance but it also elevates users perception of mobile advertising " #MobileBeat

Fun fact: the 140 character limit on Twitter was based on the old SMS limit from 2006. Mystery solved! via @Venturebeat #MobileBeat

Will Amazon Fire impact media on the high street?


"Samsung and Apple dominate this market and I don't think Amazon Fire will have a significant impact on market share. Marketers and advertisers are not going to need to change the way they plan or buy their media on the high street."

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Why a mobile strategy won't get you very far


Even though most of us still have to deal with 2 per cent battery life by lunchtime, mobile is unequivocally taking over the world. It’s a complex beast. You’ve got 4G, near field communication, Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi and countless other TLAs (three-letter acronyms, to the uninitiated) to navigate through.

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